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In 192, after the splitting of the coalition against Dong Zhuo, China sank into civil war and chaos.

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In recognition of his contributions, the Han central government appointed Liu Bei as the Prefect (令) of Anxi County (安喜縣; northwest of present-day Anguo, Hebei), one of the counties in Zhongshan Commandery (中山郡).

He resigned after refusing to submit to a corrupt inspector who attempted to solicit a bribe from him.

Tian Kai and Liu Bei led their armies to support Tao Qian.

Despite initial success in the invasion, Cao Cao's subordinate Zhang Miao rebelled and allowed Lü Bu to take over Cao Cao's base in Yan Province (covering parts of present-day Shandong and Henan), forcing Cao Cao to retreat from Xu Province.

According to the 3rd-century historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei was born in Zhuo County, Zhuo Commandery, which is in present-day Zhuozhou, Baoding, Hebei.