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Art of the Bronze Age: Southeastern Iran, Western Central Asia, and the Indus Valley.

"Axe head in the shape of a horse." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 49 (4), Ancient Art: Gifts from the Norbert Schimmel Collection (Spring 1992), no.

The thin-butted axe was good for forest clearing, probably in the context of ring-barking.

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The hand axe was probably used for many different tasks, everything from butchering animals to digging up tubers.

Gradually, the design was refined to include knives, scrapers and arrowheads, amongst other things.

The core axe is a roughly hewn, unpolished flint axe with a pointed butt and the widest part often towards the cutting edge. The flake axe is a type of axe made from a large flake chipped from a core, whose edge is used for the broad edge of the axe.

Use wear analysis shows that the flake axe was probably used for preparing skins, rather than woodwork or other tasks.

The axe is one of the oldest tools used by mankind.