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the Lara-Flynn-Boyle-in-the-90s.” She isn’t quite such a speedy creator of names for her albums. I’ve heard about two-thirds of it and it’s superb – the same appealing, enigmatic, genre-spliced collision of ideas and influences that St Vincent fans cherish, only this time with a sleeker, more accessible through-line that ought to further expand her listenership.

Some of the tracks, such as the scratchy, stirring Hang On Me, would work as well over the titles of a grand HBO drama as played through fizzing speakers in a dive bar. “Sometimes I feel like an inland ocean,” Clark sings, on a track called Smoking Section.

“Too big to be a lake, too small to be an attraction.” A number of the songs certainly sound as though they pick over the end of a serious relationship, in particular an astonishing meta-epic she has written called LA, which seems to be about a break-up (“How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind, too?

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Three years ago, while touring and promoting that self-titled record, Clark had a fantastic and unforgettable do – a triangular mountain of silver-bleached curls that made her look, in her own words, “like a scary cult leader”.

I half-expected her to show up that way today, under the same teetering pile of silver, but Clark says the bleach killed off that haircut years back.

I mean…” She laughs suddenly, a brilliant, solemnity-shattering hoot. Sober, celibate – full nun.” I’m pretty sure she’s joking when she adds, in her slow, funny, unpredictable way, “I mean there are always sex plans.

Clark is aware there will be an assumption that a lot of her new songs are about her ex. If I’m going to ever be able to talk about the record? But none for, like, a month.” lark was born in 1982, briefly an Oklahoman before her parents separated and Clark relocated with her mother and two older sisters to a suburb of Dallas, Texas. She dedicated her life to doing very admirable things.

And this is one of the first interviews I’ve done about it.