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The buzz about Kelly Dodd's troubled marriage and concurrent divorce plans have since been confirmed to be true, but what does the television personality plan to do once her separation from her husband of 11-years becomes official?

By allowing herself to grieve and focus on her self-worth and her children, Deborah ultimately freed herself and gained more clarity and control in her financial life.

Deborah Donenfeld | W: 212-675-4420 E: [email protected] Francis | W: 212-374-9008 E: [email protected](Listen to more Financially Ever After with Stacy Francis here.) __________________________________________________________________________________ David Feder, a therapist specializing in helping people recovery from infidelity not only believes that the majority of people can save their marriage and keep their families intact, they can SURVIVE infidelity and THRIVE!

They answer questions that could save yourself from the devastating possibilities of life without a will, such as: • Why do you need an estate plan when you get married vs. () • What happens if your spouse dies during your divorce and there is no will?

() • Can your ex-spouse still make the medical decisions for you after divorce?

In this episode, Alison and Stacy highlight the first and most important steps that you should take to help you take the least financially-draining path during this time.