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From the time of Joseph down to the end of the Hyksos period, the Hebrews had enjoyed freedom with no slavery, but that was about to end. With the rebel Hyksos expelled, Ahmoses I took over their palaces at Tel el-Daba, which explains how Moses was found by Pharaoh's Daughter near where the Hebrews lived in the river.

Ahmose I marks the beginning of the period of slavery and oppression for the Hebrews as a way to prevent the Hebrews from seeking the throne of Egypt.

Population of the Exodus Jews: 2-4 Million Hebrews left Egypt not 35,000!

Excluding various exodus routes: We reject: Bitter lakes, Lake Sirbonis, Lake Ballah, Nuweiba Beach, Gulf of Suez, Mt. Karkom, The Hebrews entered Egypt in 1899 BC when Joseph was sold by his brothers to the Ancient Arabians known as "Ishmaelites". In Goshen (tel El-Daba/Avaris) several limestone fragments from the statue of the non-Egyptian Asiatic man were excavated in 1991 AD & reconstructed from the S/E section of cemetery F/I, phases H (1820-1785 BC) and G4 (1785-1750 BC).

I have travelled extensively throughout Israel and the Levant.