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His shoes were expensive and were obviously regularly shined and stored in an organized closet, complete with cedar shoe trees. He offered a drink, held my chair, and without asking, he took my jacket that I was holding uncomfortably and returned with a coat check claim. When the conversation took a personal turn, he and his friend discussed the nuances of his alleged divorce, which according to the two of them, occurred some years ago. I appreciated that he was a good listener – a skill likely acquired over the years of his marriage.

He wore just the slightest hint of cologne – detectable at a safe social distance, but also enough to entice a woman to want to bury her face in his neck. My friend and I decided to join him and his friend for a drink later that evening. Her presence in his life enabled his calm, confident demeanor.

Their lairs often need “a woman’s touch,” which generally means a sense of refinement and a hint of softness, a higher level of cleanliness, or the addition of decorative accessories that contribute to a cozier, more comfortable home.

A man’s personal appearance is usually improved as a result of a relationship.

"This study finds that dating behaviors drastically differ between the ages.