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Stone Poole: When I first heard about it [being about me], it was ’85. That part about “horses,” “Trojans” in her pockets, “some of them were used,” most people took that as condoms, although he never said condoms. I think that could maybe have been misconstrued as being a little “fast,” you know. From me parking my car a certain way, and him telling me that? It’s not a one-night stand, and it’s not in one location, like people think, but everything is real. My grandfather was a very well known civil rights leader in the community. He did have his high-heel boots, but he had jeans on. What did one of the articles say, something about some “sex den” that he went to? Prince never said that, that she was a one-night stand. CP: A good number of the lines in the song are physical descriptions, and are complimentary. CP: Everyone knows what became of Prince, and his career. Stone Poole: Well, when I left Minnesota I went to KU, University of Kansas, and I studied journalism.

CP: From your perspective, what’s the story behind the song? But with older, more mature ears, I hear something different now. But I had my own radio show, my own column, I’d written a book. You know, he wasn’t walking around in the house like that. You know, people would describe it as a one-night stand, with a woman who was, I don’t know, experienced, and older, which I was not, I was younger. Now, would you want to come out and say you were the “Little Red Corvette” after all that? I always think you meet certain people at a time in your life, or their life, for a particular reason. But I was hesitant, because all of those things we talked about -- family, husband, reputation.

He was actually engaged to the woman from Missouri but he already managed to get her to buy him a Cadillac Escalade, Ford Mustang Shelby, and a Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeled motorcycle.

When she confronted him about her discoveries, Rossell fled in the Lamborghini but it later got a flat tire.

Prince was at certain points such a legend that even his female muses became famous in their own right.