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Inside that giant Burberry carrier you might see anything from a Topman bag to groceries from Sainsbury's. What it says about you: charlatan; Middle Eastern playboy.

Waitrose bag The perennially stylish Bill Nighy recently used a Waitrose bag to carry huge amounts of cash and expensive paintings to wonderful effect in the BBC spy drama Page 8. Not only are they robust (no need for double bagging), they come in pleasingly colourful designs and feature two Royal Warrants.

Messenger bag When worn correctly - that is, high and across the body - a messenger bag speaks of action and movement, of pony express couriers, hunters and gamekeepers.

However, take care: when worn low and on one shoulder, the impression is "woman's handbag".

Attache The manliest man-bag of them, despite its rather fey sounding French name, its slim, elegant lines and deeply tanned leather means you can’t stuff it full of extraneous man-crap. It says Don Draper, James Bond and important Eyes-Only documents.