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The editor scolded the town’s council for not providing the Met office with the required daily records of sunshine and everything seemed very starchy and formal.

The Daily Echo’s very first offices were on Holdenhurst Road near Lansdowne, opposite the East Cliff Congregational Church and not far from the train station.

Tuesday 25 November 1987 saw the Bournemouth Evening Echo as it was now called, officially enter the digital age.

Although the change from the old-fashioned hot-metal to cold, computer-set production had been going on for a while (especially on pages like the TV listings and features, which were prepared more slowly and in advance) this date marked the switch-over for the hot-off-the-press front and back pages, completing the move to a new electronic process.

Anyone familiar with Richmond Hill will appreciate the logistical challenge for the Echo especially with the advent of delivery vehicles to distribute the newspapers.

Not only does the office sit near the foot of a steady slope down to the Square, but it is nestled in the loop of a one way traffic system.

There was a great buzz around town about the impending launch of the Bournemouth Echo – previously the town’s only source of local news would be the odd item stencilled into the Southampton edition, which was made available daily in Sydenham’s library and reading rooms – occupying the seafront site of the future Bournemouth swimming baths and more recently the IMAX building.