Dads against daughters dating shotgun t shirt Thaigirlchat for free

Again, as long as it’s an informed, consensual decision. Even in egalitarian places.) What this shirt – and this idea – really promotes is a power struggle over the daughter, a tug-of-war full of testosterone and “I owned her first” statements and “she loves me best” exclamations.Maybe that’s one of the things that annoys me about that shirt. It promotes the idea that the girl is a piece of property to be kept or handed out as chosen by the father, not that she is an autonomous being with her own mind and her own body. And it creates, in that setting, a place where the daughter is not comfortable talking about her boyfriend, or sharing that relationship with her family.

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It creates a place where the daughter must “give up” either the relationship with her father or the relationship with her boyfriend. This idea, “dads against daughters dating” is not just a stupid shirt.

It’s not “just a joke.” It’s an idea perpetuated in many modern families.

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