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" I asked as I stopped the car next to a late night fast food. I got out of the car, opened the door for her then made my way to the fast food. I kissed good morning to both my grand parents then hugged Angelina, and while we were hugging she kissed me on the cheek. A while later, the residence's door got open, and a beautiful lady came out of it. We worked together, she helped the clients find what they need etc. I locked the shop, opened the door for her, and got in. I parked the car, and entered the apartment with Angelina. As I was taking a shower thinking about what happened earlier at the shop I started masturbating while thinking of Angelina.

We took a seat next to the window after we got ourselves a meal. We went to the kitchen all together, while they were talking to Angelina about school and Spain. It was my sweet cousin wearing a black tight T-Shirt, and a tight pair of blue jeans, she was wearing black sun glasses, and black spike heels. I closed the shop by 2pm for an hour to take a lunch break. It felt wrong, Angelina was my cousin after all, but at the same time it felt good, her body was just so sexy.

I wasn't really successful in my studies, so I decided quitting school to work at my dad's super market.