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Fast cards, class 10 and above, even from well-know brands can also produce unwanted electrical noise so should be avoided.

Memory Card Formatting Information: Standard formatting tools provided by the operating system are not always reliable.

Older operating systems, for example XP 64-Bit and Windows 2003, do not support ex FAT file systems unless you install additional drivers.

With a Mac it is no problem to select FAT32 with the standard Disk Utility.

You should always use cards from well known brands.

We sometimes suspect it might be a fake Volume-Expended card, for example, it is actually only 4GB, but is stated as bigger, like 8GB, 16GB, or even 32GB, you may not find it by checking it on computer, or even by some card test tools. We have a fake card for testing, it claims to be Kingston Class 10, 32GB, the writing speed is less than 2MB and quite unstable.

Formatted, computer says it has 32GB, we tried to copy 32GB video files onto the card, computer did not alert any problem, the computer even completed the whole copying process, we clicked the last video file, it played back OK.

You should use firmware v1.17 or above with these cards.