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Propagandists in the anti-suffrage movement used postcards of cats dressed like suffragettes to portray female activists as incompetent and unfit for the political arena.

The term “crazy cat lady” was cemented in American popular culture with “The Simpsons” character Eleanor Abernathy, a cat-hoarding spinster.

I won’t dub you a “foodie” just because your Instagram account is an anthology of tacos.

If you have a house full of reptiles, I’m not coming over, but I’m also not going to start blogging about meeting a “crazy reptile man” (or woman, let’s be fair).

Replace “cat” with “dog” in any of the above instances, and I’d be considered hot — a catch even! If I were in a relationship, I’d be one half of a cute animal-loving couple. Women and cats have been pigeonholed together for centuries.