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Materials and Methods The authors developed a prototype system to consolidate and de-duplicate CCDs.

The system is engineered to be scalable, extensible, and open source.

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In this article, we describe a modular approach to the consolidation and de-duplication of CCDs.

The approach is designed to support instances of HIE where there is the need to consolidate multiple clinical documents prior to presentation of information to clinicians or consumption into electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Finally, we summarize our conclusions and propose future research directions, which include evaluation using real-world documents from multiple vendor systems and expansion to resolve semantic meaning from disparate information representations.

In order to aggregate multiple CCDs received from different sources and HIEs, we developed a modular solution to combine the CCDs into a single document and resolve the conflict and duplication of multiple documents for each patient.

Care providers prefer to review consolidated information that represents a single, comprehensive picture of a patient’s medical history and current condition, rather than multiple CCDs that may include duplicate or conflicting information.