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I am curious, why you as a women, consider saying Hi, calling them beautiful, and asking for a name wrong in some way?

Papi, OP, if you called me bonita it would put a smile on my face, but asking for my name although non threatening and friendly is not enough...

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You cant expect every guy to write you a novel - who is you?!

Best of luck in your search OP Pretty much any message on here would be spam, if we were to use your definition. I know that a person deserves their attention, and it will prolly help.

You might want to try complimenting something about their profile or something about their photos. If you want to learn more about them other than their name ask them about their interests in their profile, her music, her reading, her hobbies, etc. That's what makes life so interesting.usually they don't look at it as an avoidance thingyand it keeps POF growing in fact this is a social learning experience and attitude adjustment test OP 10 down you're one closer to one up..the email going and don't give up...really...doesn't mean anything is wrong with youyour approach may be or not..depends what mood you hit when the other is online,mind you the I wanna f... Ask her to read your profile to see if there is something that sparks her interest, and to write you back if she is interested in doing so.

If they want to tell you their name they will, after you have charmed them. u isn't likely to be successful..hten I never tried that make the best of it and don't sweat it I have found that most people who sign up on an internet dating service are more attached to the window shopping of the dating service than they will ever be to another person or relationship. I'm by no means an expert, but there is my 2 cents.

I think Balled Eagle might have something there .... I didn't even give him my fake name until like recently...he thinks my name is Raquel! and what is yours really is not going to fly so is an anonymous venue.internet dating thing..not very good when it comes to intonation... Just look at some of the women on here and see how many favorites they have and how long they have been here. OP, I personally shut down any man who spams trite, impersonal messages to me that contain absolutely no thought to the the woman you are sending them to, such as the one that you sent above. Imho, If you can't spend a few minutes at least attempting to write a personal email to a woman that you are interested in, then why would/should she even bother to respond? I was gonna just start by finding out their name, and go from there..what I do in real life..are trying to sound condescending?