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What Experts Are Saying: Modern Thinkers on Modern Relationships Here are some quick glimpses of various thinkers and researchers describing what we're up against today. They're either running to or running from marriage, but they are in the dark as to what it's really about. Cultural historian, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead documents the new social climate in which the demands of work, the epidemic of cohabitation, the disappearance of courtship, and the exacting standards of educated women are leading them to stay single longer – and to find the search for a mate even harder when the time is right.

All of this can be explored more deeply, of course, and should be..for now, we thought they might be useful, at the very least, to keep us alert at a minimum, and perhaps more, to give reason for caution. They have adult privileges and adult possessions, but they haven't reached adulthood . ." - Harville Hendrix Events that took place before many of us were born or grew out of diapers still shape the way we date now. From the frontlines of college, where dating is dead, to the trenches of corporate solitude, Whitehead reports on a wholesale shift that has stacked the marriage deck against the best and brightest women.

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Yet somehow - maybe it's being partly raised by Disney and Hollywood, we often seem to scretly . Confusing in ways that older generations probably never experienced. The Princess found out about it and became very angry. She sometimes secretly thought him a little boring and unromantic, and wondered if he was maybe holding her back from actualizing her potential or something like that . At any rate, she continually asked herself if this was really the One Prince she was truly supposed to spend her life with. So they moved in together, but eventually felt they had somehow lost the flame of passion or something. And as time runs down, the pairing-off transpires in earnest. somehow, people always manage to connect with remarkable success, landing within one or two positions of their own rank. (Granted, it may not be we are, but at least on some level, it is part of who we are.) To get a window into this, we can get some insight into this scene by studying actual animals in an actual jungle.

It's probably safe to say that the course of true love never has, and never will, run smooth. So, the Prince got drunk and hit on some of the other fair maidens in the land. although she wasn't sure she was love with him (she had heard that line in a movie or somewhere). or wondered if maybe he wasn't as good in bed as many of the other Princes she had been with or who kept hitting on her. After being shunned by the fives and sixes of the world, they learn to give up on the glamour crowd, lower their expectations, and go for double-digits. While the arenas and stadiums change (from seedy singles bars to dating apps) - the underlying principles stay the same. Third Perspective: "The Jungle" Here we reduce this to the raw, brutal essentials: at some level, we are essentially animals, living in the jungle.

When they started bringing home boyfriends and girlfriends in the '80s, we ultimately accepted these new people into our family. And we dealt with the divorces and separations all over again. There are plenty of good men left, of course, but Whitehead deftly illustrates why women in my generation often believe otherwise . ." - excerpt from by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead How To Arm Yourself to Survive in the Jungle Sometimes you've got to wonder - with everything we're all up against... "So much of the heartbreak of love could be avoided if we would postpone marriage until we learn what relationships are really about, and until we uncover the hidden land mines we bring to our partnerships . (That, and millions of years of evolution.) - that, and your trusty Live Real Agents are on the case.