Cindy margolis dating project

“There’s no such thing as an overnight success.” Margolis did more than just work, she was innovative.

“When the name Cindy Margolis is spoken, remember these three B’s…She is beauty, brilliance and one iconic brand,” Facebooks Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said of her.

Naturally, she posed as the model for the cards, which conveniently included her phone number.

With an outgoing personality to match her all-American, girl-next-door looks, Cindy already had her sights set on making a name for herself from an early age.

A natural self-promoter, Margolis' entrepreneurial instincts kicked in while attending California State University, Northridge where she designed her own line of specialty greeting cards for a business class assignment.

“To make history, that was quite an honor,” says the woman who holds a Guinness Book of World Records title, one that’s been retired called the Most Downloaded Woman In History.

“I was part of an era where we changed the world…I was close with Steve Jobs…he [was] a genius who basically changed the world…I could not be more blessed.” There’s one pet peeve that bothers Margolis the most: The idea that someone can be a celebrity overnight and that after getting that 15-minutes of fame they are set for life.

Through trials in life is what prepared Margolis to position herself for her big break and it took work to sustain that success.