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If you agree I'll be sure to pad your personal account with ten thousand pounds at the end of the year. From the POV of Lancelot, Gwaine, Percival, Guinevere, Gaius, and finally Merlin himself. Bellatrix, Poor Remus having to deal with this crazy family. Because Harry testified at Malfoy's trial he thinks its his duty to make sure he's fine, and friendship spawns from it and maybe more. Unfortunately John's heat is close and Sherlock wants nothing to with it. Through tension and adventure, feelings and old grudges are revealed. Due to an ancient law put into place long ago, Blaise and Neville, unfortunately, have to wait for Blaise's older brother, Draco, to finally wed before they can even contemplate marriage. The survivors of the apocalypse live in a feudal society where the rich revel on extravagant cruise ships while the poor barely sustain themselves on barren islands. Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. Merlin is raised by her father in the wilds to be a creature of weapons and magic. If a Heart is without a head, they are without reason. But the real question is how do you know when you've found your other half. A legend that sleeps for thousands of years hidden in the recesses of a cave. Sherlock doesn't hold any love for his omega status. It's a sexual battle of wills with only one winner. All's fair in love and war...especially in the bedroom. Fun fluffiness and adventures and drama and smut and evil plots and good stuff like that. Edward had trouble controlling his temper but maybe a girl with a frightening gift can tame him. When he follows Merlin into the Tomb of Ashkanar, Gwaine learns some secrets about his friend.

**UPDATE** Upon request (though belatedly delivered) a second chapter has been added with Arthur's POV. AUJohn always told everyone he wasn't gay, and eventually, he gave up. In which a female Merlin approaches seasons 1-3 in disguise as the boy Myrddin, unwittingly becomes Arthur's manservant, keeps multiple secrets afloat despite being a terrible liar, and tries to avoid complying with the demands of her parents (King Cyngen and Queen Bertha) to marry the annoying prince of Camelot, all while harboring the secret desire to visit a tavern. He has a bad feeling about the auror who was assigned. Stefan and Bella have been gone; things are different...people are different. Will this journey bring them together or tear them apart for good? However, Draco's infamous temper disallows for such a thing to happen as quickly as they wish. Merlin, a common born but brilliant young girl, finds herself on the vessel of her dreams, tutoring the Prince of Camelot himself. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy's life is completely different. As she comes into her powers and reaches adulthood, they both know she must go to Camelot to fulfill her destiny. AUThe warlord Uther Pendragon has one last enemy to conquer before claiming the king's crown, and Arthur is determined to do his part in spite of his youth. One day, in the future, a human John, stumbles into the cave by chance as he chases his target to find the beautiful man trapped in ice, or so he thinks. Problem was his father had raced too and died several years ago leaving a legacy for his son that no one wanted to see him pick up. What happens when the secret becomes to much and it begins to hinder Merlin's life and his everyday wants? Bella moved to LA and has found "sisters" in 2 of her school mates. However, that doesn't stop him from going undercover and joining on online dating site to try and find the person responsible for a string of vicious omega homicides. He just didn't expect to meet an alpha named John Watson. Sherlock and John are called to take a case in which the corpses are all tied to a local club. In the margins of S3 and beyond, what trouble could these two get into? Things only get more complicated when they make it out of the collapsing tomb and find themselves with some company.

With someone as unpredictable as Sherlock in his life, John starts to realise that maybe 'upside down' is exactly where he wants to be. There are mysteries piling up even faster than the bodies, but those aren't exactly coming slow. After Sherlock's death, John manages to get himself re-enlisted and is sent back to war. Sherlock secretly (not so secretly) is addicted with getting gold stars from John. John/Sherlock if you please.'Sequel to My Apologies. John and Sherlock try to overcome the Russian mafia and the CIA while seeking the weapons hidden by John's ex-commander, Col. John receives unexpected, sometimes inexplicable help and threats from the other side; so I switched genre to Supernatural. Merlin, Arthur, and the rest of Camelot are about to face down the one enemy that they had neglected all of this time - Mordred. What happens when Merlin visits his mother, leaving his friends unprotected? His new movie has a kissing scene that the actors keep messing up. AU4th and final fic in the Pendragon Institute series.

Nothing ever turns out the way you hope, even when you have every intention of doing the right thing. Now he must learn how to control his new powers, find out who his friends really are, and try to not make too many mistakes along the way. Now John has a secret that could break the case..break their friendship forever. But when two series of gruesome murders link home and outland together, John is suddenly faced with more battles than he could have imagined. What happens when Morgana begins burning villages in search of Emrys? Luckily, there's a cameraman nearby to practice on. At the museum of medieval art, reactions to Arthur's latest decision range from excitement to shock.

Severus does what no one else bothered to do― he takes care of Harry. But when destiny comes into play, can she fight her instincts and walk in the light or will the road back to the underworld become too great? One moment can be the difference between life and death. His four years of high school had been horrible and he's hoping for a fresh new start in uni. Sherlock is turned into a kid and looses his memory. However, when Dark magic gets thrown into the mix and when the witch comes out to play... More than a little afraid and yet fascinated by the creatures, he just hopes he doesn't end up barbequed... John, Soulmates, Friends to Lovers, Christmas, Mummy Holmes)Co-Written with x Forever Dazzledx. Sherlock hides from his brother in the only bureaucracy his brother can't touch, Her Majesties Royal Marines. A short drabble filled for this prompt on LJ by anon: 'For whatever reason, John puts up a chore chart, with gold stars, for Sherlock (as a joke? After three long years John finally gets some answers. A fill for a prompt on the Sherlockbbc LJ community, in which John is a complete BAMF and uses ALL his skills. But Pirates are often drawn in by a glimpse of Gold and flashes of innocence. Gwaine finds himself questioning everything he knows and Morgana plots to go after Emrys. "Was it possible to foster such a great love from the seeds of redemption and forgiveness? In which Arthur and the knighst discover that Merlin was once in love and somebody very close to him killed her. Robin Hood could not have been more surprised when a young girl crashes into all their lives. With new allies in addition to old, will Voldemort finally be defeated? And so the king persists in asking for it, he asks as times change and destinies are fulfilled, and finally, tomorrow comes... Even Dumbledore can't get through the wards the Boy-Who-Lived has on his rooms. Arthur struggles with what he should do and Merlin tries to convince him of the right thing. Bella has a deep secret and now due to what is going on in Mystic Falls she is forced to reveal it. That was a strange way to describe them, wasn't it? Years later in Camelot, a feasts' entertainment goes wrong and Merlin saves the day."Bella gets the chance to meet her favorite band but the band's vocalist Edward is rude to her right off the bat-is everything what it seems or is there a reason for his attitude? Quiting doesn't matter anymore since his kids have taken a liking to her and her to them.