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That’s not to say that people don’t react when I use the word “dignity.” There is always an immediate recognition to the word and its importance, but when I ask people to define it, or tell me what it looks like to have their dignity honored, the conversation falters.

The most common response people offer is that dignity is about respect.

And, as a result, your relationships (or lack thereof) as well as any chronic illness are directly impacted by childhood traumas. My guest today, Jayson Gaddis, is insightful, a genius and he is handsome. Tired of getting nowhere by beating yourself up for every little imperfection? You CAN comfort yourself and be stronger because of it. Ladies you are going to get so much out of today’s coaching session because Jane experiences a deep shift during our conversation.

Do you wish you had someone who knew exactly what you needed and when you needed it? Jane is a smart, successful woman with a big heart who hasn't been able to bust out of her unhealthy relationship...

Not only are you not getting the kind of LOVE you want and deserve... There isn’t a class on what to do when your heart gets ripped out by a guy in school. On this episode of The Dating Den podcast, Marni and Christian Anderson give you the... You know I’d like to meet a great guy but dating is hard.