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But Linda’s logic is “Well if we hire them as guards if anything ever happens they’re already in prison.” Seriously?!

Okay so I have to state my opinion on Poussey and So So’s relationship.

Poussey and So So’s relationship feels very fanficcy I’m not buying it, it feels forced, I don’t believe the chemistry. Let me explain: To me Poussey and So So’s relationship is rooted in loneliness: So So’s need for a friend and Poussey’s need for love.

It feels like both of them are just trying to fill a hole.

The Moment Judy King’s True Colors Emerged:“All I care about is if she’s clean and considerate, beyond that I don’t care if she comes from the moon…of course no fatties, Nebraskans, or anybody with too much hair.

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    During her early career, Wilde appeared as "Jewel Goldman" on the short-lived FOX television series, Skin (2003-2004), and became known for her recurring role as Alex Kelly on the teen-drama television series, The O. She was also in the short-lived NBC drama television series, The Black Donnellys (2007).

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    Another day, another public exchange between rappers. Nelly was recently involved in an Instagram squabble with his former associate, St.

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    They've got kids to worry about so they're not just going to let any Tom, Dick or Harry from Tinder walk through the door.

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    In an interview with uk, Kitty, whose real name cannot be shared, said: ‘An average night goes like this: I’ll post about going on cam and if I don’t get private Skype sessions I will log into the cam site onto preview where I sit and chat to the customers and tell them what I do.