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However, software that only provides access via a voice-based interface denies access to users who are deaf.Choosing products with interfaces that combine text, voice, and video offers the most flexible experience for all participants.Also, since communication in a chat room tends to be fast-paced, people who type slowly may have difficulty keeping up, and people with cognitive or print-reading disabilities may have difficulty tracking the multiple simultaneous threads of conversation.

Chat room for disabilities adults

There are also jokes and games, poems, videos, information and links, online chat, discussion forums, heroes and stars, send hugs etc.

The 'Padlock' allows a carer to restrict access and lock user out of certain sections eg. I've only just joined, in order to explore and evaluate, so not yet 'recommending' this site as such - but let us know how you get on if you have tried this site.

The World Wide Web Consortium's Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specification makes it possible to enhance HTML with markup that, for example, notifies screen reader users as new content is added to the chat area.

Some chat rooms include additional audio features such as sounds that indicate when someone has entered the room, left the room, is typing, or has posted a new message.

Came across Special Friends Online - looks interesting as a way of helping children and adults with learning difficulties to be part of international social networking communities - but safely.

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