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Chris Loumeau and Lindsi Nielson - Mormon Moviegoers is a collective of LDS film reviewers helping you to make informed decisions about Hollywood films.

It was founded by family counselor Jonathan Decker (of Ask a Mormon Therapist). The compelling true story of how the Prescott (AZ) Volunteer Fire Department became the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the camaraderie of their brotherhood, and the harrowing fires they fought together. (GRADE: A-) Without a doubt the best-directed effort of Joseph Kosinski ( Oblivion , Tron: Legacy ), Only the Brave succeeds at creating authentic viewing for the audience. Debra Oaks Coe on Fair Mormon Blog - “What is changing—and what needs to change—is to help Church members respond sensitively and thoughtfully where they encounter same-sex attraction in their own families, among other Church members, or elsewhere." —Elder Dallin H.

students who attended funeral services for Guo on Monday at the LDS Institute of Religion at the University of Utah. Deseret News - Read how Martha Hughes Cannon, a mother, a champion for women's suffrage, and a Mormon became the country's first female state senator. 3, 1896, Martha Hughes Cannon was elected to represent Utah's 6th Senate District, defeating a group of candidates that included her own husband and earning the title of the United States' first woman state senator. Wagner - Many Mormons love snuggling up to a Jane Austen novel—or BBC adaption—for a dose of romance and culture.

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But why are Mormons so drawn to Jane Austen in particular?

Probably because so much of what we find in her writing mirrors our own lives.

The Holy Invitation: Understanding Your Sacred Temple Endowment by Anthony Sweat You may feel...

Katie Lambert - Lindsey Stirling's semi-final-worthy performance on Dancing with the Stars last night was golden, in more ways than one.

“Lindsey definitely has what it takes to win that mirrorball,” Yamaguchi said. LDS Living Staff - Last month, Mormon Channel continued its series Gospel Solutions for Families and hosted a discussion with host Amy Iverson, Elder Tad R. The three met to discuss how parents can better prepare their children to stand up in the world and strengthen ties as families.