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The selection is heavily seasoned and often infused with English fare to accommodate to the tourists.If you’re a seafood lover, you will sure enjoy Antigua’s fresh selection of same-day caught lobsters, oysters, and red-snappers.

Westpoint Bar & Restaurant is a marina locale that offers a lively view of ship traffic, whereas Millers by the Sea offers a more beachside atmosphere with its live reggae band and close proximity to the water. I suggest dining at Le Bistro: Antigua’s first authentic French restaurant serving for over 30 years.

The location itself is smaller and exclusive, making it an ideal location for couples.

Culture: B Locals are very welcoming of tourists and embody a feel-good mentality that is comparable to Jamaican culture. But in respect to travel-dating, the beaches are bountiful, varied, and cater to a couple’s every need.

The island moves at a slow pace, everyone can’t be bothered, and all scheduled activities are tentative in nature. “Island Time” can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on your patience. There are areas for long, romantic walks, and venues for lively, beachside festivals.

For breakfast, try the Bay House, an al fresco venue that overlooks all of Dickenson Bay, which is known for its intensely white beaches.