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Our mother was born in 1946 DNA test was done on her. He was the friend of her mother Helga Kuschnig from Wels Austria. Im helping a sister looking for half sister born to American soldier. Looking for information about Charles ' Charlie' Smith, then a Corporal attached to the 24th Engineers, ?

I do not know if the births occurred in France or in Germany. I do not know what went wrong and why all of a sudden I got the urge to know him.

I do not know if the mother was a civilian or perhaps part of the French occupation force. Names- Elaine born 1953 in France and Jerry born 1954. I will never be complete Greetings to all My name is Bethel , am from Nigeria I have this.

I should have mentioned that my father James B Boyd was stationed in Bristol, England in the posting below.

He sent maintenance for some time after my birth and his father Reverend Boyd wrote to my mother and they exchanged photos. Children Elaine and Jerry were likely born near Toul France, and the mother was likely a French citizen -- most likely a civilian (?

Hoping that her or a family member is searching as well.