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Andy has been appointed the co-ordinator for the PU Marine Sciences Programme ‘Applicant Days’ and ‘Open Days’.

Andy is also the PU ‘Outreach’ co-ordinator for the Marine Sciences Programme.

Si TE – Sediment in Transitional Environments (2010 - ongoing) DDY0427 The Si TE project is an investigation of cohesive sediment dynamics in aquatic environments (fresh and saline, fluvial and marine).

The project evaluates sediment dynamics in these transitional environments where fine cohesive particles have a much greater propensity to adsorb contaminants and nutrients than coarse granular particles.

Visiting Professorial Appointment (2013 - ongoing) On 1st June 2013 Andy was appointed a Visiting Professor specialising in ‘Sediment Dynamical Processes’ by the University of Hull (Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences in the Faculty of Science & Engineering).