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Lez blames it on the local teenagers, as Sassy says in the background "You just told me you did it". Clarence is doing his daily mail run when he arrives at Leslie's house.As he places his hand and the local paper inside his letterbox, he smuthers his hand in Norton's shit.

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Lez awakes and turns Norton's car on, drives through the garage door, hits Norton and crashes the car into his own garage. Quinton yet again tells them to stop, and he asks for the truth.

Norton claims that Lez betrayed him and they begin fighting again.

The cop and Lez continue to hit golf balls into Norton's house for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Lez wakes to find that Norton has yet again dumped in his letterbox.

After an unknown amount of time, Leslie and Norton's space pod crash landed in Australia.