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The wooden gallery was added in the 20th century and features elegant columns of elm, poplar and walnut by the last Emir of Bukhara.

It is the only building here to have survived the Soviet period.

Inside are two cells and the “bug pit”, built 6 metres deep and filled with rats and bugs when in use.

It was here that the British Great Game adventurers, Connolly and Stoddart were imprisoned before being beheaded by the Butcher King in 1842, after he heard of the routing of the British in Afghanistan and assumed their influence was on the wane. After a quick coffee we reached Poi Kalyon, the most beautiful square in Bukhara.

Dominated by the imposing 12th-century Kaylon Minar, this structure was built by the architect, Bako.

After building foundations 10m deep using bulls blood and camel milk, he disappeared for 2 years much to the annoyance of the king.

He built it 46.5m high, supposedly as his house was that far away and were it to fall it would fall on his house – a quality guarantee of sorts.