Bsd updating ports collection

is automatically included in the daily security run output that is mailed to the root account.

Latest News: 2017-10-28: NAS4Free - released! We really need "Your" help on NAS4Free ... Hi there, I am a newbie to Nas4Free using version 9.1 wanting to run sabnzbd, i was just wondering if i need to have a "full Install" in order to install python, or cannot i not do this in 9.1? You need full to install on your boot disk or If your install is embeded you need to install into (inside) a jail ( jail reside on Data disk so no need space left on boot device).

Producing and hosting NAS4Free cost money, please consider a donation to our project so we can continue to offer you the best. The script needs some tweaking (clear cmd fails, tries to install wget and git each time and fails etc..). See: Si Do you know why my full install of Nas4Free does not have the "clear" command? By the way: congratulations with the win on Portugal!

Packages are only available for the i386 and x86_64 platforms.

If you have never done so, download the port collection.

Upgrading usually refers to installing a new point release of the base system, and (re)installing all packages.