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Brian also brings vast expertise in online platform creation as well as a very interconnected entrepreneurial network from around the country.

Monica Adams is the creator and visionary behind Operation Muse.

He uses social technology, systems thinking and psychology to relentlessly experiment and expedite the growth of the startup ecosystem within Fownders, Newark and beyond.

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During this time we were inseparable and gobbled up as much as Hollywood had to offer—we even finagled our way onto the back of the Bee Gees’ tour bus so Kelly could squeeze her man, Robin Gibb, while 50,000 eager fans at Dodger stadium chanted for them to get on stage.

I am already getting the feeling here that this dude’s relationship with his sister is more about him getting to feel like “a superhero” than it is about her and her happiness and well-being. ” And somehow, this dude is like “Yeah, those horrible people had a point!

As the head of community outreach, Jade serves as the point-person for partnering with local community-based organizations in order to help Fownders actively engage with various community partnerships, raise awareness in the city and create a lasting positive impact in the community.

Amadou is a member of the Videography team here at Fownders.

Which, judging by this particular glimpse into her character, I’m not so sure is true.