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Give yourself a couple of days to understand the pack mentality that involves a night on the town. If you are planning to seriously date a Colombian, cash in on treasury bonds, life insurance and other liquid equity as you’ll be paying for everything well into retirement. Nikes may be nice for dunking, but if you wear them on a date, you’ll be bumped. Take for example the word “stupid.” In North American culture, one could easy exclaim to one’s partner: “Don’t be stupid.” It’s rather inoffensive.Colombian girls tend to go out together in large groups to have a good time and not necessarily to pick up the quirky Gringo. If you decide to “go Dutch” on a date (never a first) you are likely looking for love on the wrong continent. Just because we are near the Equator, doesn’t mean Bermudas are cool. In Colombia Don’t tell your partner you need a new set of…pillows!

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But at the top of the social pyramid is “Mama.” Never to be referred to as “la Madre.” And Mama should never be your . Never kiss “Mama” on the cheek unless she is already your future mother-in-law. Don’t give red roses to your future mother-in-law for example. Never leave red roses with a receptionist where your girlfriend works. Another key issue of dating in Colombia comes down to doing the homework.

When dating there will come that time when you will have to come face to face with the matriarch. Refer to her always as “Señora.” Eat with your mouth closed at the family table and offer to help out with the dishes. While it’s nice to be affectionate, you need to know some basic rules when it comes to whom and how to kiss. For most of us no matter how many years pass, we are still guests in the country.

More than giving Colombian roses or Santander chocolates, dating in Colombia has etiquette.