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What is the fee to charge at a Blink Level 2 station?

Charging fees are set by kilowatt-hour ("k Wh" - a unit of energy typically used by electric utilities) or time, depending on what is permitted by the state, station ownership, and membership status.

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Your Blink In Card is associated with your Blink Member account and payment information.

Drivers can receive or request a free Blink In Card by becoming a Blink Member.

Blink Members can also setup Charging Status and Billing notifications in their Blink Member settings after logging in.

What is the fee to charge at a Blink DC Fast Charger?

Blink refers to the Blink electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and Blink Network, the software that operates, monitors, and tracks the Blink stations and all of its charging data. How do I locate public charging stations on Blink Network?