Adult real free chat - Black women dating white men tumblr

And whatever I did to “get” my husband is what they must do as well. I love that a person’s color doesn’t automatically determine their mate’s color. It was illegal for my husband and I to be married, not so long ago.

Being open to different races and cultures should just be the norm.

My cousin recently told me that I was a “tumblr celeb.” …my maternity photo shoot images were plastered all over “interracial tumblr” blogs. Not a variety, mind you, it was namely, black women trolling for non-black (mostly white) men.

A short google images search later, and I was staring at me, my husband, and my huge belly all over people’s blogs and pinterest boards. At my ripe old age of 31, I didn’t realize what a “thing” (read: fetish) interracial relationships, and marriages had become.

Ok, now that we’ve temporarily gotten rid of the have nots, let’s dive into this topic.

At this point some of us have seen Jordan Peele’s directorial debut more than once and remain blown away by the layers of the story and symbolism that speak to America’s racial history.

Who we marry should be determined by our values and what we deem important in our relationships.