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Next to the giant letters downtown that spell BEIRUT, you'll see Roman "pagan" ruins, a huge Christian church and a mosque, all within spitting distance of each other.

The Lebanese have learned to adapt, get along and make the most out of their tiny bit of Mediterranean real estate; at just over 4,036 square miles, the country is roughly six times larger than Houston.

'We are located in the mountains, in a village, unlike in Beirut.' He added that the assailants' identities were known and that it was now the Internal Security Forces' responsibility to apprehend them.

The President of the Private Hospitals Syndicate, Sleiman Haroun, condemned the acts of violence, saying: 'Enough is enough.' Haroun said they would wait a few days but 'if nothing is done [by security forces or the government] they would take a strong position'. I am not going to call anyone out for being responsible, because they know who they are.'Mr Chahine said the justice and health ministers both contacted him to denounce Friday's attack.

But the groom underestimates the power of the automatic weapon and soon begins to fire at the table itself, sending food flying and shooting the photographer.