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It explains the damaging after effects following her abuse, including time spent in a psychiatric hospital, escaping Cambodia weeks before it fell to the Khmer Rouge and being a prostitute in Japan.

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It is about a 13-year-old girl who falls victim to a predator (posing as a child) in a teen chat room.

Some of the inside information of this novel was provided by the Australian Federal Police and their files on offenders.

Biggs has been interviewed about her story written in In Moral Danger by some of Australia and Britain's leading journalists, interviewers and publications including Scotland on Sunday, The 2004 sequel, The Road Home, is about her life from 22-42, culminating in a legal battle with the barrister who abused her at 14, which she won.

The barrister died three months after the judgement.

She now speaks about her life and child sexual abuse to a range of welfare professionals and private groups.