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When you fall in love with a man who cannot commit, you do so at your peril.

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If reading this comment disgusts you, then imagine how I felt. FEATURE: The exercise-eating connection, Part 1 – August 1, 2011 I once knew an Olympic rower who had to eat a pint of Haagen Dazs every day just to keep from wasting away. Your workout is too easy – July 4, 2011 I keep doing stuff that my wife thinks is stupid. This morning I had an epiphany while on a training run, and by “training,” I actually mean I am training to get faster at running, and it’s friggin’ hard. Is the only skill you’re building your peripheral vision to make sure the boss isn’t looking over your shoulder right now? How to really have a midlife crisis – June 20, 2011 All right, fatso, do you really think blowing your kid’s college fund on that stupid Porsche is going to hide your flabby midsection and make you attractive to the opposite sex? FEATURE: The ROI of getting in Shape – April 4, 2011 In the movies, the overweight couch potato rarely gets the girl.

My gym is a large and busy affair, so locating the offender was no easy task. Mind you, she was training hard 30 hours a week and had reached her taste limit on healthy food to fuel her exercise performance. Strategic planning for getting in shape – July 18, 2011 I have an MBA, which means I always needed help working the photocopier. Is it going to compensate for your sagging manhood? But in real life, too, he is less likely to get the girl, the job, the promotion, the raise, the better insurance rates, or even better grades in school.

How to use your phone and her voicemail to your advantage. The all-important First Date - crucial do's and don'ts for total success. What she really wants versus what she says she wants. How to discover her true motives and secret agenda.

A quick and easy test to instantly determine if she really likes you.

Many of the advice aren't heard in mainstream and Doc Love says that's why anyone just be reading this book.