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We were at the private club that we frequented often in a nearby town from where...

Read On Added: | Category: Interracial | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,772 | Tags: karen naked nude pussy cum interracial gang bang | 1 Comment A jogger falls into the horny clutches of a homeless duo…

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Imaginary venues are also important: gardens, cabs, parents’ bedrooms are all suitable places in which to indulge in sexual fantasies. ‘They wouldn’t have the experience to talk like that.’ So what possesses these men to call up a woman in Kent to tête-à-tête like this? ‘Occasionally, but not if they’re perverts.’ Nothing shocks the sex chat girl.

Perhaps reassuring for older women, I learn her regulars also adore her 73-year-old granny role. From guys into bestiality or fantasies about parents, it’s all the norm. Remember, he’ll want to know your nipple colour,’ she says cheerfully.

* Say the world’s filthiest words with the emphasis on the end; ‘k’ and ‘c’ noises are evocative.

* Never forget it’s the man’s state of arousal you are with, not the man.

‘Men prefer saggy breasts.’ She adds: ‘I’ve only ever had one guy want a skinny girl, I’m always size 16-18.’ But, of course, it’s all just fantasy. ‘One wanted to be Carol Smillie and I had to be a lesbian 16-year-old chamber maid,’ says Jenny, laughing. These erotic chatterboxes are a dying breed; free internet dating means they’re now lucky to earn in a week the once daily wage of up to £500. The time comes and I bottle it, deciding it’s best left to the voice of er, experience.

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