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However, damage to the computer's reputation had already been done and it failed to do well commercially as a direct result.

Third-party vendors also produced memory upgrade kits that allow the Apple III to reach up to 512 KB.

Other Apple III built-in features include an 80-column, 24-line display with upper and lowercase characters, a numeric keypad, dual-speed (pressure-sensitive) cursor control keys, 6-bit (DAC) audio, and a built-in 140 KB 5.25" floppy disk drive.

Management believed that "once the Apple III was out, the Apple II would stop selling in six months", Wozniak said.

8-bit CPU and, like some of the later machines in the Apple II family, uses bank switching techniques to address memory beyond the 6502's traditional 64KB limit, up to 256 K in the IIIs case.

The business market moved rapidly towards the PC DOS/MS-DOS platform, eventually pulling away from the Apple 8-bit computer line.