Amputee devotee dating sites

I was interested in why devs find people with disabilities (PWDs) attractive, as I think this is not the view of society in general. However, it’s not ALL disabled people a particular dev may find attractive, but specific types of disability.

However most devs don’t know themselves why they feel the way they do about PWDs. According to a Poll on Paradevo the most attractive disability is Spinal Cord Injury.

When you think about things that people generally find sexy, disability probably doesn’t spring to mind.

Although it is debatable whether he should be working with vulnerable people at all, I have to take his word for it that he knows what is and is not acceptable behaviour. I’ve had very little success on online dating websites, because in my cynical opinion most girls don’t want to date a disabled guy.

So devs in this respect are great because they don’t see the disability as a negative.

This is the reason that consent is so important if a dev and a disabled person start a relationship.

However, all of the disabled people on Paradevo, including me, are on there by choice.

Some think it’s genetic, and some think it was triggered by a childhood experience, but they don’t really know. However, the same could be said for any sexual preference. Low severity SCI (paraplegics) came top in the poll and high severity SCI (quadriplegics) came second, with blindness coming third.