Advice for dating couples

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Advice for dating couples

I don’t know if there is more than one of those—I think probably there is.

But the idea that there is going to be this human embodiment of perfection, designed specifically for you, with whom things will always be perfect is ludicrous.

People love to say, "My son-in-law the doctor." We fall into these traps of what will make our parents happy or what our sorority sisters or our childhood buddies expected for us, and we get boxed in. I think that there is a lot of pressure on people to get married—to find the one, settle down, have babies, and get on with it already.

It can become a real preoccupation—it certainly was for me. I was worried about finding the right person, but more than that, I was worried about making a bad decision because of that pressure. I think anything you can do to make your own life as rewarding as it can be in this moment is only going to make you happier now, and it’s only going to make you more attractive. " It just kept coming up in interview after interview. It felt natural." And then they’d backtrack and say, "I know that sounds horrible and like settling.

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