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ID proponents generally raise two arguments for ID's secularity: In turn, this nonreligiousness would allow ID into the classroom.

Yet ID proponents are almost always Christian fundamentalists, and don't hide it well; consequently, ID proponents often effectively rule out anything but a religious explanation (e.g., rejecting directed panspermia).

Nevertheless, OECs believe that life was deliberately created/guided/etc. OECs generally fall into five categories: Young Earth creationism (YEC) rejects the scientific consensus on the age of the Earth and universe in favour of dating creation via the Bible, using Bishop James Ussher's biblical genealogies and accepting Genesis as history.

In order to justify their literalism, YECs must reject numerous branches of science and ignore significant evidence against a recent creation.

Unlike the Christian YEC movements, few Muslim creationists insist that the world was created in a matter of days a few thousand years ago, largely because the Qur'an is less explicit about the subject, making Islamic creationists into Old Earth creationists.