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To do this you simply install the HMA app from Play Store, then open it, select the geo you want to spy on, connect to the VPN, then go to pornhub and see what banner ads come up. your AM hits you up and says there’s a hot new global CPI offer called Acme Speed Up! You immediately jump on APPANNIE and see what the top are 20 apps right now in the utilities category are. Next, you want to pick which apps have your competitors ads on them (lets just say for laughs which apps have clean master advertising) NOTE: If you don’t already have an android phone, then you can pick up a cheap one on or local craiglists. #1) Open Google Play Store on your phone by clicking its icon #2) Click on the Magnifying glass to search #3) Type in the name of the app from your list, and tap search on your keypad.

#4) After you located the app, open it’s page and tap the INSTALL button #5) Repeat the above steps for all of the apps you’ve written down until all 20 is installed.

Questions i’ll be showing you how to find answers to Methods & Tools Wee will be using in our journey: In order to do spying you need tools, these tools are expensive for the newbie but a must for any successful media buyer. STM Adult Ads Spy (available FREE for STM Members only – get an STM account) 5. You looked at Traffic Junky and learned that there’s a shit load of volume for CHEAP in Argentina.

I use all of these tools below myself every time I spy and my friends – the best of the best like Charles Ngo & Finch use ’em too! Similar Web to find who is sending most volume to tracking link/offer landing page 6. The site you have this great opportunity for tons of volume and cheap pricing is on the Pornhub 305×99 banner sizes. Now let’s figure out what offers are currently running on it This method works great to get an idea on what kind of offer types are running on a specific site’s placement.

So what can they do to find out where happy farm advertised so they can put their ads for essentially the same kind of game on those placements?