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Aired 5-6p ET • Police: Suspect Prepared for Attack for Weeks; Federal Charges Filed Against New York Terror Suspect; Trump: U. Aired 6-7p ET • Interview With Delaware Senator Chris Coons; Terror in New York City; Eight Dead, Multiple Injuries in New York City Terror Attack; Trump Rejects Bannon's Hard Line Against Mueller, For Now.Aired 6-7p ET • Officials: Truck Plows Bike Riders in NYC, 6 Dead; Interview with Richard Blumenthal.

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Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro; Attorney General Sessions Hesitant to Answer Questions Before Senate; Crisis in Puerto Rico Continues; Trump Faces Off Against Military; Sessions Contradicts Trump on Comey Firing; Struggling to Survive A Month After Hurricane Maria.

Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Says He Supports Short-Term ACA Fix; Awkward Moment when Reporter Asks Greek Prime Minister about Calling Trump 'Evil'.

Republican Senator; North Korea Accused of Hacking U. Aired 6-7p ET • White House Plays Down Trump's Differences with Leaders; Death Toll Climbs to 15 as Wildfires Rage in California; Change to Las Vegas Shooting Timeline Raises New Questions; White House Denies Attack on Corker Alienates Republicans; Hillary Clinton 'Appalled' by Weinstein Sex Abuse Allegations.

S.-South Korea Military Plans; Obama Release Statement on Weinstein Sex Allegations; ISIS Kills Four U. Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Locked in Bitter Feud with GOP Senator; Mattis to Army; 'Stand Ready' to Deal with North Korea; Sources: Google Finds Russian Ads Tied to 2016 Election; Sen.

Aired 6-7p ET • Sources: Gunman Killed Wife's Grandmother in Church; Investigators: Gunman Focused on Mass Shootings.