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I was one of the many pupils at Broughton Secondary School who planted trees in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation.

It's really only in recent years that the connotation of 'Institution' meaning 'Reform School' appeared, and people started referring to the school as 'Melville College' rather than 'The Institution'."An Ire was a small close under a building.

Comments above refer to 'The Puddocky as being at Warriston, close to Logie Green Road and the B&Q store (formerly 'Dodge City') but the comment below places it further to the west, near Stockbridge Colonies."In his poem, 'Fitbaw in the Street' written when he was a student in 1926, Robert Gairloch described boys, dodging away from the Police, going via Cockie Dudgeons, the Sandies and the Coup on their way to Puddocky.

When when you went through the close, there was a wooden structure to the right which was handy when it rained.

I ended up in casualty on more than one occasion after falling from the walls!