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Imagine you are a model and check if her user interface is easy to use.

Once the site is active and Performers are live, members can register and add funds to their account.

Once the members have added funds to their account they are able to go into any free adult public video chat session, view the performer and take the performer into a private chat for a per minute fee. Performers earn money through tipping and pay per minute chat sessions, the web site owners get a percentage of the money earned by each Performer, normally the site owner gets 50% of all funds earned by all performers and in many cases more.

Rental option of Web Video is a very good choice if you don't want to spend too much from the beginning of the project.

How to choose the best software to run your own adult webcam site?

Marketing is important that's why the Webstream studio account stores all your clients email addresses and spend which can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet for email marketing.

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