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Pathologically, tubular (adenomatous) polyp with or without low grade dysplastic changes was diagnosed in 6 of the 18 polyps (giving an adenoma detection rate of 4.8%), 4 (22.2%) were inflammatory polyps, 1 (5.6%) was malignant and another had the rare inflammatory fibroid polyp.Five (27.8%) of the specimens were reported as non-specific colitis.

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Adult cam nigeria

A total of 19.5% men (n=112) and 44.3% (n=254) women respondents respectively, were found in this study to have used CAM (p=0.000).

Married respondents used CAM remedies more frequently than the non-married (p=0.000).

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METHODS: This is a retrospective review of all the clients who had polyps diagnosed at colonoscopy over a 12 month period (August 2014 -July 2015) at a private endoscopy suite in Lagos, Nigeria.