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However, I chose to go with the Moderate Portfolio for the purpose of this review.

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It rounds up to the nearest dollar (or more) for every credit card purchase and micro-invests the difference. The negatives: Acorns does not offer IRA accounts and isn't made for long-term goals like retirement planning.

For many of us, investing can seem overly complicated and somewhat intimidating if you don’t know the ins and outs.

Simply view your portfolio to see a list of advice, tips, and ideas.

The Moderately Conservative Portfolio was recommended for me based on my variable cash flow (as a self-employed taxpayer), a median net worth, my long-term investment reason, my age, and above-average income.

Signing up for an Acorns investment account is a relatively easy process and starts with signing up on the web or downloading the app for free from i Tunes, Amazon or Google Play stores.