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All children have the right under the law to access these after school activities in the least restrictive way just as they have a right to access the academic offerings of a school. I Didn’t Hear You provides the student, parent, coach, athletic director, principal, school-board member and educational audiologist with all the information needed to make athletics accessible in the most cost-effective, comfortable way.

There are a multitude of relatively inexpensive devices that can be used for almost any difficult communication situation that can occur during practice and training.

The use of assistive devices and communication strategies are meant to create a ‘level playing field’ for these students. for information about these laws and student rights to equal access and participation. publication provides rich information whereas the table below provides a brief summary of the information provided on accommodations for specific sports. Hearing devices that are moisture resistant should be used and or protective devices for hearing aids like Ear Gear or Super Seals.

Hearing aid use may not be recommended due to physicality of sport. If individual cannot easily hear the whistle ‘go’ signal it could be augmented by the coach banging the mat as a tactile signal to the competitors.

The use of assistive devices is an important part of making high school athletics more accessible to athletes with hearing loss.