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Tasks of Proctor go to institution, track a certain lecture halls with exam of a small group of students and be back with sealed envelopes of responses sheets by the same day.

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This is enthusiasm driven project, if any of free time is avaliable, I occasionaly improve or develop this site. You can help matters go faster if you upload missing materials, indicating in comments what they are. These will help as well, just send in comments which department of which university issued them, to facilitate for other students to find them."Procurator" - literally a person who acts on behalf of another organization "pro curare", here - the official representative of the Center for testing.

The duties of Proctor is providing supervision of students during the exam.

Lots of sites will copy them and sell them for SMS payments or tease folks with fileshares, stating they are helping.

My aim is to collect everything in one plase and give it for free with collected statistics.1. You can even send other tests, even not from Krok, if they with one answer and have a-b-c-d-e variants.

Freely estimate the knowledge and predict your exams points using booklet from previous year. Save on paper and on other expenses for paper carriers, phone calls, copying, printing, etc. Pick questions for classes, pick answers for tests with unknown-answers material. Study questions on any hand-held device with Wi Fi, the interface of this site designed for this. This exam is your external quality assestment made by ministry, not by university.