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However, since they lack infrastructure compared to MPT, their underperforming services are often the impetus for users to subscribe to multiple providers and switch SIM cards to overcome connection issues.

MPT offers this more reliable service and coverage at a premium, in violation of the state’s own pricing regulation.

Military conglomerates are still positioned to benefit from the system and manipulate the telecommunications market.

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Public holidays in Myanmar are regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Myanmar officially observes 21 public holidays per year.

However, it was the basis of several arrests for online speech in 20.

And the outgoing communications ministry issued its last mobile telecommunication operator license to a newly-formed consortium in a move that observers said advantaged the military’s financial interests. All major political parties engaged on social media, which was an influential platform in major cities, and internet usage nationwide was 12 percent higher than usual on election day, according to one report. Religious nationalist movements negatively influenced public discourse on the internet, especially in the run-up to the elections and immediately after the new government took office.

Troublingly, internet users were tentative in their discussion about the new government, and continued to practice self-censorship after the November elections, fearing harassment and censure from the still-powerful military, and even supporters of the democratically elected leadership.