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Ms Cooper also claimed her transition cost her a job, but is now looking to open a beauty clinic for transgender people, and hopes to become a mother.

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Rather than get offended, Gwen flirted back, thinking the dalliance would help her lighten up, and take the stress out of trying to work things out with her husband.

"It was a nice, little romantic flirtation," she recalls.

She was also afraid of getting too attached to Tom after sex. He knew what buttons to push."About 35 percent of wives and 45 percent of husbands report having emotional affairs, according to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a statistic higher than those for physical affairs, which are committed by 15 percent of wives and 25 percent of husbands.

Still, it came as a shock when Tom returned to Florida and married his girlfriend. Another statistic on American sexual behavior by the National Opinion Research Center cites that 22 percent of men and 13 percent of women have cheated in their lifetimes.

After reconnecting over e-mail, Gwen—who lived in New Jersey—soon began confiding in Tom (who lived in Florida, with a girlfriend) about her troubles, including her husband's alcoholism.